Design is the cornerstone of creativity, the capacity to discover the unknown, and the willingness to plan for what is to come. Careful planning is essential to self-discovery, minimizing regrets, and the creation of a roadmap towards the less traveled path. Design is a strong base that offers stability and coherence, without stifling the creativity of the journey. Design allows originality and discipline, and makes room for innovation.


Learning is the foundation of knowledge and wisdom. Keeping an open mind and a willingness to inquire keeps life interesting. Embracing discovery enables exploration, and the ability to set foot where no man has gone before. It requires valiance, a non-conformist attitude, and the open embrace of all that is novel and new. Uncovering secrets often leads to treasures, especially when it relates to people. Discovery is movement, change, excitement, and dreams. It is the process of never taking anything for granted. It means rigorous testing and confirmation to create acceptance. Most of all, Discovery opens the possibility of going further, performing better, and leading the way.


Mastery lies at the intersection of knowledge and excellence, the attainment of perfection through training and experience. Mastery requires a strong foundation, perseverance, and knowledge to move towards transcendence. Mastery means control and dependability, and the ability to flawlessly execute and deliver. Mastery is beauty, the ability to address external flaws with internal perfection achieved through practice. Mastery is constancy, coherence, and stability, a rock in a sea of instability. Mastery is a goal, and the motivation for continuous self-discovery, learning, and improvement. 

Valiance: DARE TO FAIL

Valiance is courage, the fortitude to live according to one’s beliefs, and the daring to explore where no one has yet set foot. Valiance requires discovery, mobility, and the agility to seize opportunities, to dare to fail, yet have the courage to begin anew. Valiance is living a life of standards, and having the courage to say ‘no,’ to denounce injustices, and defend those in need. Valiance is a balance, a tightrope, of agility and bravery. It is solid and stable, but allows for change and the willingness to adapt and meet new challenges.


Honor is living in accordance with the highest standards, with the implication of generosity, integrity, loyalty, and justice. Honor belongs with valiance and courage, as the willingness to treat others respectfully and equitably. Honor is not a right, nor a privilege, but something earned and continuously challenged. A constant quest, and a guiding principle of fairness and honesty. One does not gain honor, instead, others bestow it upon those who are worthy. Honor is the definition of one’s treatment of others.


Legacy is the sum of all other values. A life lived according to worthy values becomes its own legacy. Legacy is outside of our control. It is the remainder when we can no longer influence the perceptions of others, and it is those perceptions that form our imprint on society. Legacy is a transmission mechanism redistributing the impact of actions and choices to future generations. Legacy is continuity, the awareness of the future, and recognizing the consequences of our choices.